Saturday, 25 June 2016

Norway's BankID tests in-app authentication


Norway's BankID is to begin a pilot programme to test in-app authentication and biometric logins for one-click access to financial services.

From Norway's BankID tests in-app authentication

They’re using the Encap platform for this with TouchID and Android fingerprint support. I was a bit surprised when I read this story, because I thought that this system already existed in the Norway. And then I remembered that I read about this stuff a decade ago.

Telenor says it will now work with the BankID consortium to develop an e-signature authentication system for use with mobile handsets.

From Norwegian telco and banks to develop mobile authentication system

How has it taken a decade to implement the obviously sensible mobile solution? It makes complete sense for the mobile operators to provide this infrastructure and for the banks to use it, but they were never able to agree (I assume) on the business model.

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