Friday, 10 February 2017

Project Jasper: Lessons From Bank of Canada's First Blockchain Project - CoinDesk


We’ve also gained some other important insights that will be relevant to the business case for this type of DLT application:

Most cost savings appear unlikely to come in the core system itself, but rather more likely through reducing bank reconciliation efforts. The initial design is quite collateral intensive while the current system is already highly efficient. There's the potential for more savings if other applications could be built on top of a core cash payment distributed ledger system (eg financial asset clearing and settlement, trade finance). In an actual production system, trade-offs will need to be resolved between how widely data and transactions are verified by members of the system, and how widely information is shared. While DLT may aim to reduce concentration of risk, a substantial amount of centralization would still be required (eg permissioning of nodes and setting of operational standards) if applied to wholesale payments systems.

[From Project Jasper: Lessons From Bank of Canada's First Blockchain Project]


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