Thursday, 16 March 2017

For Credit Cards, Canceling The Need To Cancel |


"A dashboard helps create separate card numbers and one-time-use numbers or merchant-specific ones. In this manner, a user can set up a ‘Netflix card or a Geico card’ that attends to payments for each of those relationships,"

via For Credit Cards, Canceling The Need To Cancel |

This is certainly an interesting proposition and good luck to Aaron and his team with taking it forward. But I don’t want a Netflix card or a Geico card, I want a Netflix identity and a Geico identity. Not just a card number, but a name and address and e-mail and… reputation. If I use a different card number at Ashley Madison and William Hill, then hackers (or, worse still, marketers) can still see that the name and address is the same and then reasonably conclude the same person is behind both usernames.

We need to make it hard for attackers of any kind to do this kind of thing.


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