Saturday, 8 April 2017

And here we go again!


"The financing of the terrorist attacks which took place in France in January and November 2015 have been analysed in detail by the Center for the Analysis of Terrorism, a leading European Think Tank on the analysis of terrorism. The report - The Financing of the Paris Attacks (in French) - concludes:

via And here we go again!

The January attacks against Charlie Hebdo cost € 26,000 and were funded essentially thanks to consumer credit fraud, including two car loans. For both attacks, the perpetrators used a mix of payment instruments including money transfer services and anonymous pre-paid cards. The report states ‘Anonymous reloadable pre-paid cards enable anonymous transactions up to €2,500, including over the internet. Anonymity is guaranteed at all levels, from the purchase of the card, to its reloading, making it the ideal payment instrument for the perpetrators of the 2015 attacks.’ "


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